Children’s Dental

Children’s Dental Care Noosa

Our Hygiene and Oral Health Therapist for Children

Riverside Dental has a resident Oral Health Therapist for Children, Michael. Michael is a gentle and fun Oral Health Therapist that both you and your children can address your dental health concerns to. Oral Health Therapist’s focus on the examination and treatment of teeth in pre-school, primary and secondary school children on the Sunshine Coast as well as preventative therapies and education for adults.

Routine dental treatment with your Oral Health Therapist will include dental examinations, cleaning and polishing of teeth, filling cavities, extracting deciduous (baby) teeth under local anaesthesia, taking x-rays of teeth and jaws, fissure sealants, fluoride therapy and impression taking for mouthguard construction. As well as this, Barbara Works alongside Dr Patrick O’Rourke to perform routine scale and cleans with a focus on creating a personalised home care regime in order to prevent the progression of Periodontal Diseases.

Michael is heavily involved in the prevention and treatment of children’s dental diseases (as well as adolescents and adults) as an Oral Health Therapist by providing preventive treatment with a focus on disease management and home care. As an active member of the Oral Health Promotion Committee, Michael attends continuing education and dental health awareness workshops to help educate the community in the principles of preventive dentistry by addressing several different target groups.

Michael’s strong desire and passion is clearly reflected through his professional and optimal dental health execution. Michael reinforces the strong reminder to ensure you visit the dentist on a 6 monthly basis as a prevention measure to help reduce further visits.

Michael joined the team here at Riverside Dental, Noosaville in 2013. He is looking forward to meeting with you and providing a professional, gentle and fun place for both you and your children to address your oral health concerns.